Every company, big and small, has a duty to contribute their resources and talent to forging a path forward. The period immediately prior to COVID-19 was marked by a remarkable transition toward a rethinking of the role of corporations. CEOs from leading companies had already started to suggest the end of the era of shareholder primacy in favor of businesses that focus more on the wider stakeholder community – the public, planet, and community. The term used in business and investor circles to capture this new focus is ESG, for environment, social, governance.

The lives and livelihoods of everyone we know, the hopes and dreams of our children, and the fate of the global economy are on the line. If this new focus on corporate social responsibility, or ESG, is really to mean anything more than lip service, companies will have to step up and show their commitment to solving this challenge. Apply your skills, whatever they are. Make your organization contribute, whatever it is you do.