Introduction and Motivation

Consilience, hope, and a path forward

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic presents a daunting challenge, with only “less bad” options available in the short term until a vaccine is ready. Yet, as a country, we must choose a way forward.

Aggressive social distancing has prevented our healthcare systems from being overrun. At great economic and societal cost, we have bought ourselves time. So what comes next?

A principled way forward has emerged, that can save lives and the economy. We are presenting this as a road map here, but it’s not ours alone – it was compiled based on what leading experts from various disciplines have all proposed throughout March and April. This process is called consilience – when different disciplines all arrive at the same conclusion independently. We have reached that point in this pandemic.

The only way to see the broad shape of this unified guidance is to read across experts. And when you do, it becomes clear that their proposals include many of the same elements, just presented with different words. There is not 100% alignment; nothing this complex could ever hope to achieve that. But disagreements amongst experts are largely around the edges of the larger vision: When this much is in common, it should be a call to action.

Our goal with this website is to present the core principles of the way forward and post updates on advancements in each Priority Area, as a way to track overall progress in managing this crisis. The evidence base is changing daily, and so as the pandemic wears on we expect advice to evolve and best practice to come into clearer focus. One of the biggest challenges with this pandemic is dealing with the overwhelming amount of information and science coming at us all each day. With this project, we hope to bring some order to that chaos and show that progress is being made.

There are signs of hope. But a national mobilization is required.